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About BBQ Masters

BBQ Masters originated ​as an online store for selling barbeque parts in 1998 for Leisure Living Patio Furniture located in La Habra, CA.  After 40 years, Leisure Living finally closed its doors in 2010; another casualty of the economy.

Leisure Living was not only my place of employment for 33 years, but as manager, it was a part of me as much as I was a part of Leisure Living. On my first day, I was sent out back to put together my first BBQ.  And, I've been assemblingservicingcleaning and repairing BBQs ever since.  

So after being unemployed  for the first time ever,  BBQ Masters seemed like  the perfect  small business where I could apply my skills and knowledge of  gas barbeques for the communities we once served at Leisure Living.

BBQ Masters is family-owned and operated out of Garden Grove, CA. Since our company opened , we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  
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BBQ Masters
BBQ Masters
How many of you remember
 Leisure Living Patio, Fireplace, & BBQ
on Imperial Hwy. In La Habra, CA?
That's us.
Tom and Mitzie Larson
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 I was glad to "dispose of" a customer's old BBQ. I told them it probably just needed a couple parts and a good cleaning, but they asked me to do them a favor  and get rid of it?... After 4 years and counting in my backyard, I keep asking myself, "Who did whom the favor."